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jonfen is distressed by dogs
Just one sim today. This is Norm, and since I think he's my favourite sim I've made in a long time, I wanted to share him. :) The RAR also contains his beard and the meshes for his piercings.


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He's beautiful! Almost Daniel Radcliffe-like. (: Love his brow!

Thank you! I wasn't inspired by him, but I see what you mean.

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I'd probably have to choose between Shuu or Okosan, myself. And thank you. :)

He's pretty gorgeous, thanks. :D

I can easily see why you favor him! I love his face. <3

Just here to say he reminds me of Daniel Radcliffe. I see I'm not the only one thinking that ;)

he looks kinda like daniel radcliffe! cool

Definitely looks like Daniel Radcliffe. All he needs are some glasses and he'd be Harry.

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