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jonfen idk
So, uh, yeah, long time no post...

My life's taken some interesting turns over the past few months. All for the better, I'm happy to say, but I've been left without much time for sims or chat. First and foremost, I have a boyfriend now, and since I more or less live at his place 75% of the time, I haven't really had as much time to get on the computer as before. On top of that, I've got schoolwork to contend with, as well as apartment-hunting on the horizon. And, well, 2014 is going to be terribly busy for me if it goes as expected.

I uninstalled The Sims a little over a month ago and haven't regretted it yet, so I think it's probably safe to say I'm done with it. I'm still trying to pop into chat whenever I'm able, though, so hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch. :)

See you all around.

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I've missed coming round #gos for the longest but I'm happy you're happy and doing well!! I hope 2014 goes well for you! We will definitely have to keep in touch.

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