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Two aliens for your downloading pleasure

So I've recently fallen a bit in love with aliens, and while I've had a few born in-game so far, I'd never made any of my own. So I went ahead and fixed that, and here are the results: Aldebaran and Veronica Hyades. Hopefully some people on Pixel Trade (or wherever else) will want to have them around in their games. :)
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James Sunderland Presents: Nerd Dump, Vol. 1
james sunderland
An assortment of sims I'd been wanting to post someplace or another, but had never gotten around to until now. Accessory meshes and binned facial hairs have all been included, since Bodyshop is a bit of a cock when it comes to packaging those (though I've posted CC-free versions as well). I've also added aspiration and personality stats since I was told some people may be interested in having those too.

The diversity of my creations is truly staggering, isn't it? [/sarcasm]



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